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Reviewer Spotlight: Kate Spencer
Best of 2015: Deaf-Friendly Businesses That Rocked Our Year
Interpreting Industry Insights: A challenging climate
Deaf-Inclusive Tech Conferences: Accessibility Lessons From &yetConf
A Stylish Match: Starbucks Order App + Deaf Street Style
ADA Then & Now: Where We Have Been & Where We Go From Here
Deaf-Friendly Tips Every Restaurant Needs to Know
How To NOT Be That Annoying Hearing Person in A Place of Business

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Sweet Themes Bakery

I found it easy to point to my orders using their display. The more I come, the more the staff learns basic signs. Stop by ...


Truly accessible! I drove up to this Starbucks and ordered my drink from Andrea through the two way camera using nothing but sign language! My first ...

Blue C Sushi

Jonah knows ASL! He was smooth and comfortable which was an extra bonus. Always so cool to be able tell what drink/food I'd like in ASL rather than reverting ...

Miro Tea

Im surprised this place hasn't been reviewed yet as it is a hit among Deaf people I know. Katie was our cashier today and she ...

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Founder's Corner: Boom! Nyle Shakes up Deaf Stereotypes

What a stud! Can I say that? I look forward to watching Nyle DiMarco strike a pose every week on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). It’s easy to focus on the obvious, Nyle DiMarco is beautiful.  He’s on a show that celebrates beauty. I could stop right there.

Watch the Video! #deaffriendly or #deafchallenged?

Actor John Maurcere, known for his role in SuperDeafy, displayed his usual charm and dynamic energy on screen as he engaged real-life Deaf people (not actors) and their real-life #deafchallenged and #deaffriendly stories.

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