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Ensuring the Customer is King: Deaf-Friendly Customer Service Training
deaffriendly Turns 4: More Than Just a Review Website, A Movement!
Reviewer Spotlight: Kate Spencer
Interpreting Industry Insights: A challenging climate
Deaf-Friendly Tips Every Restaurant Needs to Know
How To NOT Be That Annoying Hearing Person in A Place of Business

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Seattle Aquarium

I loved that this place had ASL interpreters at most of their exhibits which made learning about the animals really neat! I also enjoyed chatting ...

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium hosted a Deaf Community Day last week. I leapt at the chance to take my three sons, all Deaf. We had gone before ...

Peddler Brewing Company

Peddler Brewing Company has listened to the Deaf community and has agreed to turn on subtitles/captions for their outdoor movie nights if Deaf/Hard ...

Alpine Hut

As a Deaf person, I often find myself switching between communication modes (Signing, writing, speaking/lipreading, etc) depending on the situation. I rarely every switch ...

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Founders Corner: We're Turning Four!

This month, April 2016, marks 4 year anniversary since we launched Wow! 4 years ago when I launched this business, going about my daily life as a Deaf consumer was frustrating, time consuming, annoying, and often I arrived home everyday, exhausted.

Watch the Video! #deaffriendly or #deafchallenged?

Actor John Maurcere, known for his role in SuperDeafy, displayed his usual charm and dynamic energy on screen as he engaged real-life Deaf people (not actors) and their real-life #deafchallenged and #deaffriendly stories.

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