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The Hub

My experience at The Hub was pleasant. I know that the servers were NOT prepared for a large Deaf crowd after the Deaf Expo. Of ...

Thai Fusion Bistro

This was my first time here. Our server Prae (medium height, short hair, funky glasses) was very comfortable accepting our gestures for food and was very easy ...

The Hub

Waitress/Host were ignorable and easy to make mistake with orders. Beside communication wasn't clear with them. 

Harmon Tap Room

Their service and environment are very friendly, there is a lot of space outdoor and indoor (back of bar.) 

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Do You Know What It Means To Be #deaffriendly?

You know what a cost-benefit analysis is. You have your accountant’s telephone number on speed-dial. You even know how to expertly run a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter. But, do you know what it means to be a deaf-friendly business?

Speak Up...Review a Business...Create Change!

No deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing person is ever completely alike, but one tie bonds us instantly: We never stop looking for ways to make day-to-day communications less stressful in a predominantly hearing world.

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